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“Pranamam, I am Hariharan Viswanathan Nair

Hail from Kerala & settled in Chennai/Tamilnadu, practising vedic astrology since year 2005

I offer astrological analysis and advice according to the Traditional Indian Vedic System. I have fully devoted to Astrology and allied services. Practising and guiding clients from year 2005, through numerous horoscopes analysis and imparted astrological consultations to thousands of people.

I have expertise over various ways to find solutions such as Jathakam/Horoscope analysis, Prasanam, Vivaha-porutham/Matching horoscope, Muhoortham/Auspicious Time, Dosham/Fault findings, Pariharam/Remedies, Gemology, etc., guiding clients present and future Health, Career, Money, Relationship, Education, Business, Partnership, etc., . Specialise in counselling through Astrological remedies for persons with disturbed mind.

People follow me all over the country & abroad from various life-styles, irrespective of their caste, creed or religion and get advised. By all gods’ grace able to solve most of the people's problem by analyzing/predicting and also offering effective solutions/remedies.



Consultation & Services


Astrology is based on sound astronomical calculations, which were formulated thousands of years ago in India. We need a correct casted jathakam/horoscope for taking any prediction or at least need proper Date, Time and Place of birth to predict anyone's major event in their life, such as buying a house, marriage, starting a new business or even for a major surgery.

The emphasis and interpretation of position of the planet and stars were placed at the time of birth for a person shows their characteristics and personality, including weakness.

Vivaha-porutham / Matching horoscope

Essential pre-requisite for a matching horoscope are Nakshatra and Rasi porutham of the Groom and the Bride who plan to get married. The compatibility between the two individuals and the deeper will be the intimacy of the couple in a lasting marriage.

In earlier time we look for 20 poruthams but now only 10, those are listed below:

  • Dinam checks couple's emotional harmony and well-being
  • Ganam compares marital happiness and love
  • Yoni checks sexual desire, passion, and satisfaction
  • Rasi is to match the physical nature of the couples
  • Rasi-athipathy is to check the compatibility of general harmony between the couples
  • Rejju stars of Bharani, Makayiram, Puyam, Pooram, Chithira, Anizham, Puradam, Avittam and Uthrittati not allowed to marry each other
  • Vedha checks in a couple's longevity in their hard days
  • Vasya is for attraction between couples
  • Mahendram for man's physical ability to protect a woman and his health, financial and human ability
  • Stree-deergham is for good looks and health of the woman

Paba-sammyam / Likeness of sin: there are evils in the bride horoscope as there are destructive evils in the groom horoscope. Once planetary position changes, if the harm is more severe, the lesser person may in danger or get divorced. In general sin should be in the horoscope

Desha-sandhi / Decadence: The juncture is the time when one stage ends and the next stage begins by planet on everyone’s horoscope. It is not good for couple’s to end the juncture at the same time as each juncture adds up to the remaining stages in the couple’s horoscope. Separation between couple's or life can be in danger if juncture occurs at the same time.

Muhoortham / Auspicious Time

An auspicious muhurtham will reduce problems and assist in achieving goals, also to obtain more success and positive results from any duty or plan. Hence valuable occasion like betrothal, marriage, house-warming, beginning of a business, before starting building (house/office), inauguration of new equipment, etc. should be done only on an muhurtham /auspicious time.

While considering Muhurtham we need lots of points to consider. Start with Panchangam, Tithi, Vaar, Nakshatram, Yogam, Hora and positions of the planets in your horoscope. One must make sure that any bad influence is not present at that planning or starting new venture.

Muhuratham cannot alter the circumstances but it is capable to change the course of action, a muhuratham which is fruitful for someone, can be proved inauspicious for others. The following points should be considered when we follow muhuratham:

  • Clock / Watch should be accurate
  • Location should be counted accurately (longitude and latitude play a vital role)
  • No delay/wait should happen even if your guests or relatives have not reached on time


Prasanam is the efficient way to find what happened and what is going to happen for any person/problem. This is a method of calculation using rules of prasanamargam, spotting the problem and finding the solution for all the problems. There are mini conch shells used that are handpicked by the deivakjayan, a part of shells selected and used to conjunct with the position of the planets after chanting mantras, every deivakjayan will have his own upashasna murthy. Deivakjayan can use different way to find solution they are:

  • Kavadi Prasanam : In general Prasanam is called Kavadi Prasanam
  • Nimitha Prasanam : Deivakjayan observers, how/when do they reached him, their actions, word/sentence used at the place and during prasanam
  • Thamboola Prasanam : Here Vetrilai/Betel leaves along with other details, mostly used for finding missing things/person, black magic problems, etc,...
  • Ashta Mangalya Prasanam : Uses 8 divine items with Gold coin along with kavadi prasanam
  • Deva Prasanam : This is related to god/goddess, mostly used in temple activities. Expert of group astrologers and tantris with wide knowledge are gathered to find do's and don’ts


When positive planet's positioning is weaker and negative planet's positioning is dominant in their natal chart, one of the vedic/ancient ways to balance is gems/precious stones. One should be very careful while choosing the stone.

These precious stones has to be inlaid accordingly with recommended metal, if these stones are inlaid in proper metal will bring positive results or else it may bring negative impact. Choosing stone should be wiser and one must consult professionals, some gems are unlucky or not auspicious to wear, even if they are flawless.

Once the bad effect period is over, or when the recommended Gem stone no longer needed, then it has to be removed. Aspects needs to check before buying any Gem and consult professional, they are:

  • Weight and Size (Carat)
  • Colour and Clarity
  • Flawless (avoid bubbles, cracks and black spots)


As long as Astrology is a Science it cannot be manipulated, Navagrahas and Panchaboothas are given the task of implementing everyone's destiny, each Navagraha has an Adi-devan to control. There are Dosham/sins or Karma in this present or previous life, have a different or many types Pariharam and that is upon the level of Dosham/sin or your Karma. Saints who formed the Vedic astrology, also found root for each remedies/solution to their problems due to karma. Some of the common Dosham listed below:

  • Kalathira Dosham
  • Uthama-sarpha Dosham
  • Neja-sarpha Dosham
  • Kaal Sarp Dosham
  • Pitru Dosham
  • Pothra Dosham
  • Mangalya Dosham
  • Prayda-badha Dosham
  • Aabichathiya Dosham
  • Graha Dosham
  • Shathru-badha Dosham
  • Gandharva Dosham
  • Bhramanaia Sabam
  • Etc...

Pleasing Adi-devan with proper Pooja/Homam and absolute self involvement will bring down all his negative impact. A small flower offered to god or lighting a lamp to the God on daily basis could produce miracles in your life rather spending huge money on rituals.

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